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Teaching has been a big part of my career. Since my first job as a kindergarten teacher, I have taught students of all ages and levels, and across various disciplines. Below is a list of classes I have taught with teaching material included whenever possible. 

I am always happy to share teaching material and brainstorm ideas to create inclusive and nurturing learning environments!

Classes Designed & Taught

The Grandeur of You & The Universe

AS.270.129, 3 credits, Johns Hopkins University, Spring 2022

The class is designed to inquire and explore where each one of us fit in the grand scheme of the cosmos and its exploration, centered around themes and concepts fundamental in Earth, planetary, and space sciences (EPSS). Through the class students learn to understand and narrate creatively how they (all parts of their identity) relate to the story of the universe. The class explores EPSS centered around the core value of empathy.

This class will allow students to master the fundamentals in EPSS, appreciate and relate to scientific discoveries, understand how to be responsible future scientists and citizens cognizant of broad scientific impacts, and develop and enhance various skills to be able to understand and communicate science.

The syllabus for the class can be found here. A freely available online version of the class is in the works, and will become available towards the end of 2022. A Johns Hopkins University magazine article in which the class was featured is linked here, and the accompanying interview is linked below.  

Guest Lectures

Rayleigh-Benard and Mantle Convection

AS.270.404, Johns Hopkins University, Spring 2021

Guest lecture in a course focused on Planetary Interiors, taught by Prof. Sabine Stanley. The topic of the lecture was Rayleigh-Bernard & Mantle Convection. The lecture slides can be found here

Setting Up for Success Modules

Earth & Planetary Science, Johns Hopkins University, Fall 2020

Preparing and co-teaching modules intended to help graduate students be successful in graduate school lead by Prof.Sabine Stanley. Modules I was involved in: Managing Grad School Stress, Applying for Grants and Fellowships, Difficult Conversations, TA’ing, Attending a Conference, and Introduction to Science Communication.

Journal Club Best Practices

Earth & Planetary Science, Johns Hopkins University, Fall 2020

Co-lead a class on best practices for giving effective and inclusive departmental research talks to graduate students.

Boundary Layers (in fluid dynamics)

AS.270.423, Johns Hopkins University, Fall 2019

Guest lecture in a course focused on Planetary Fluids, taught by Prof. Sabine Stanley. The topic of the lecture was Boundary Layers. The lecture notes made for the class can be found here

Other Teaching Experiences

- Detailed in CV -

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, Uni. of Washington (2014-2017) 

Peer Assistant for Calculus, Taylor's University (2013) 

Class Teacher and Tutor, Smart Reader Kids Kindergarten (2012) 

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