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Welcome to my page:

You can call me Regu and my pronouns are he/him


I am a Malaysian national of south Indian ancestry. My primary education started in the UK & I did my higher education in the US. So naturally, I like to think of myself as a global citizen & cherish all parts of my identity. 


My values:

I am an ally to all in need! I am committed to fostering a sense of belonging, and improving accessibility, justice, equity,  diversity, and inclusion in science and society. 

Regupathi (Regu) Angappan 

I am currently a Geophysics Resident at SandboxAQ and a Ph.D. candidate, in Earth & Planetary Sciences at Johns Hopkins University, working with Dr. Sabine Stanley and Dr. Brian J. Anderson.

I am commonly identified as a planetary scientist specializing in planetary magnetism and magnetospheres. Though the title of geophysicist, data scientist, and educator also fit the roles I play. 

I collaboratively use novel datasets and simulations to better characterize the magnetic fields of planets and subsequently gain insights into the deep interior regions of the planet, from which the magnetic fields arise. In this curiosity-driven pursuit, I get to piece together a small part of the puzzle on how planets form and evolve, and what our place in all this grandness is.

I also have a passion for science education and outreach. A passion that has manifested itself in some research on inclusive teaching and the development of new curricula. 

I am always looking to motivate and work on inclusive and sustainable, interdisciplinary science, that brings communities together to bond over a sense of awe, and/or to address the challenges of our time. 



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